Mati | The Kubernetes Security Dashboard

Hello! I am very excited to demonstrate a program I’ve developed during my internship with This is Mati, a Kubernetes security dashboard which has pages for cert-manager debugging, binary authorization, and cluster security checks. I hope you enjoy! Please contact me if you would like more information or clarification about Mati.

Redirect Cloudfront WWW to non-WWW with AWS Route 53

While researching a simple redirect from a WWW domain to a non-WWW domain with Cloudfront, I found complicated solutions that required creating additional S3 Buckets and Cloudfront distributions. Here is a simple solution only using Route 53. This works with https, http, and forwards the path. Create a new A record for the www site… Continue reading Redirect Cloudfront WWW to non-WWW with AWS Route 53

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John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch Theme on Trumpet

I’ve transcribed the theme to The Sack Lunch Bunch below. It was difficult considering there are 15 kids singing slightly different pitches! What do you think I can improve on? Leave your comments below.

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An Introduction

Welcome to one of the most diverse blogs on the web! Music, programming, photography, we cover it all. Photography Trumpet Programming